Why Atan Sir

In keeping with our motto of "PROVIDING QUALITY EDUCATION WITH A DIFFERENCE", ATAN SIR would be helping in cooperating with the students throughout the year as per the needs of the students as we understand that students have to be continously guided & motivated to touch the peaks of success in every endeavour.

Our Contribution towards making Every student a GENIUS:

Through our system of Continuous Evaluation in terms of Regular Sunday tests, Oral Tests, Assignments & Worksheets, students can assess their Strengths & Weaknesses.

We would provide the students a Realistic Self-Assessment of how they study.

We would Motivate the students to Develop Good Study Habits & to Correct Errors that would ensure the Achievement of the Desired goals without Stress.

We help the students to Identify their areas of Aptitude and Interest.

We would Train the students in making Decisions for the future, regarding the choice of the subjects, courses and careers.

We would Guide the students in Project Work.

Teaching/learning methodology developed after 16 years of research.

Unique study materials.Excellent track record.

Online classes are also available.Students who are residing outside Ahmedabad can also join the classes. Live classes are available through video conferencing at a nominal fee.

•    100% Tutor's  Attention
•    Save Travelling time , energy & cost
•    Flexible Scheduling
•    Stress Free Learning
•    Focus on weakness
•    Step-by-Step guidance
•    Students pay more attention
•    Mistakes are corrected on the spot